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Stock photos are one alternative that some organizations consider when they feel a photo shoot with a professional photographer might be out of reach. While stock photos are certainly helpful for some purposes, they are not the best way to showcase your business. Why? Because they are not photos of your business.

When people visit your website, they want to get to know you! Stock photos don’t help them do that – and they could give people a false impression of what you have to offer. The best way for potential customers to get to know your business is by showing them actual photos of your business, your team members, and your products.

Most business owners would do just about anything to increase customer traffic, convert more leads, and boost their organic search rankings. And while original content, keywords, and meta tags can do wonders to enhance your SEO, there’s one major, often overlooked factor that contributes to your site’s rankings: user experience, or how easy or pleasing your website is to use for potential clients. It makes sense that clear, crisp photos and helpful videos would boost your site’s overall user experience. What’s easier (or more pleasing) than looking at a nice picture?

As a business owner, you can easily boost user experience on your website by including high-quality images and videos of your facility. Adding great images is a simple and effective way you can improve your site’s user experience and, at the same time, give your SEO a bump. In this post, we cover the basic rules and benefits of adding photos to your business website. No matter where you get your images, your first goal should be to provide the best user experience on your website that you can. Images will absolutely help you do that. With the right images, original content, and SEO knowledge, you’ll bring in more leads, boost conversions, and see higher rankings.

1.It conveys your professionalism. If you look professional, potential clients, investors, collaborators, etc. that don’t know you personally are going to be more likely to agree to that first meeting.

2.A good headshot gives people an idea of your personality before they meet you. A smile portrays approachability. A serious look portrays determination. Make your expression match your personality. I choose to smile in mine!

3.It reminds business contacts who you are if they met you in passing at a conference or business function. This little cue makes it more likely they will accept your “friend” or “follow” request.

4.A current headshot gives people an idea of what you look like now. I recently went to a CEO breakfast and two of the presenters’ headshots were taken years ago. There was an immediate disconnect. It’s not good to surprise people in this way. It sends a message of inauthenticity.

5.It supports and enhances the skills and experience on your LinkedIn profile, making you stand out from the rest. One hint specific to LinkedIn is to look to the left so you are literally looking at your profile.

6.It makes you feel good to look your best. Having a quality image of yourself to share with your professional peers boosts your self confidence, and it can even inspire you to share more of yourself with others, take a few risks, and overcome work-related challenges.

     When searching for images in Google, you’ll often be tempted to use the first beautiful picture you can find.     It’s a good idea to stop and think for a second:

“But can I use images from Google? Is it legal?”

    More often than not, these questions bring people to a conclusion that goes something like this:

“If I can find it on Google, that must mean that it is free, right?”

     No its a mistaken move to use the images before you pay attention to the rights of use, and the rules of the artist.There are artists giving their material for free ,in exchange of credits as appreciation or other selling their art. You must respect the artists and use properly their art.

     And before any thought think that they are human ,they invested money for their gears so they can provide this quality work, they may  also passed things and difficulties to rich that point of view, they spending time of studying and exercising to reach this level ,and they are facing their own daily routine to pay their expenses etc. In many circumstances their gear damages are not covered ,they have to cover them or replace their gears and also in the end of the day they still have to cover their life expenses ,so they can continue survive and serving, offering quality material.

     “The one button dogma is not the Reality”

As your online business is unique so it is theirs, so be respectful .So the best solution is to hire somebody that you like his/her photography and artwork and use the material properly for your business.

Great SEO specialists Melbourne – Setup Your Great online business,

Great SEO specialists Melbourne – Setup Your Great online business,

Great SEO specialists Melbourne – Setup Your Great online business

Great SEO specialists Melbourne – Setup Your Great online business

Great SEO specialists Melbourne – Setup Your Great online business

Great SEO specialists Melbourne – Setup Your Great online business

Great SEO specialists Melbourne – Setup Your Great online business

Great SEO specialists Melbourne – Setup Your Great online business