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Is there any mandatory rules that we have to follow to setup Facebook business page for ecommerce website?
The only mandatory rules are those that written and obliged by FB.
If you’re thinking about anything else, then I don’t understand your question and I would appreciate if you could be a bit more specific.
What does Facebook say the rules are?
thanks for the reply. actually i want to run ads for my products on fb and need guide to create fb shop for ads point
Again, sorry, I fail to understand what you need from us. The instructions to create a FB shop are included in FB. The easiest way to find that information is to do a search on Google. Basically you create a new page or a new tab. As far as I understand, there’s nothing special that you need to do for your ads.
And it is pretty straight forward and much better that if I give you detail instructions here
With Facebook Shops, you can display and sell products on Facebook.People who visit your shop can browse your products, make purchases and get to know your brand. You’ll create your shop in Commerce Manager, a platform that you’ll use to manage your inventory and sales on Facebook.
To create your shop in Commerce Manager:
Following points can be helpful to you:
-Go to your Facebook Page and configure the Shop page.
-Set up your shop details.
-Configure your payments.
-Add a products to your Facebook store.
-Managing your orders.
actually i want to run ads for my products on fb and need guide to create fb shop for ads point
The best way to populate a shop on FB is to create a product feed on your site.
Assuming your Ecommerce site has a back-end with a database, it would require a bit of programming which on request from FB’s server, will query the database for product information and put that into a file (such as XML) which is output to the request.
The feed that FB accepts can be the same as one for Google Merchant Centre. This means you can have one feed for both (and some other ad providers) so you can use it for Google ads too.
See the documentation on setting up a feed.
Depending on your site, some Ecommerce CMS may have a plugin to create the feed for you.
Once you have the feed set up, you tell FB the URL to find it and how often to request and update.
You follow this steps to create fb page for ecommerce website.
1.From the Pages section, click Create new Page.
2.Add your Page name and category.
3.Add your Page’s bio and click Create.
4.(Optional) Add information, such as Contact, Location, Hours, and your business name and click Next.
5.(Optional) Add profile and cover photos, and edit the action button, and click Next.
6.(Optional) Invite friends to connect with your Page, and click Next.
7.Click Done.
I read this steps in BlogLoogleBiz. In a blog lot of information about facebook page.
Creating a Facebook page for your ecommerce website is a great way to connect with potential and current customers. It gives you a platform to share information about your products and services, as well as create a community around your brand.
There are a few simple steps you can follow to set up a Facebook page for your business:
Choose the right category for your page. When creating your page, you will be asked to select a category for your business. Be sure to choose “E-commerce Website” so that people searching for this type of business will be able to find yours.
Fill out your page information. Once you’ve selected the right category, you will be able to fill out your page information. This is where you can include your website URL, contact information, and a brief description of what your business offers.
Add images and videos. People are visual, so it’s important to add engaging images and videos to your Facebook page. You can use product photos, behind-the-scenes shots, or even short video clips to give people a taste of what you have to offer.
Create compelling content. In addition to visual
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